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A Taste of Summer Camp

26 May
pre-summer camp hotel snuggle


So I’ve totally neglected to write from the road, which is why I downloaded this fancy iPad app in the first place. I totally forgot to take pictures (let’s chalk it up to being a newbie at this) of the impressive treats we took to Summer Camp Music Festival: multiple coolers full of yogurt, veggies, berries, and homemade hummus…the many containers of Appleseed’s own granola…20 pounds of homemade salsa…it was wonderful indeed and far healthier than the free food we found awaiting us at the festival (though perhaps I should do a post with tips for being gluten-free in places where your biggest options appear to be burgers and chili fries).

super cute but not gluten-free!


As artists, we were provided with food by the festival. However, as is true to festival food, the healthy options were limited. Brandon and I ended up ordering the portobello burger (ended up being sliced portobellos) and grilled red peppers on a bed of spinach (an easy way to make an otherwise off-limits sandwich gluten-free). It was actually pretty tasty. They threw on some cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes and we managed to avoid the cheeseburgers and hoagies otherwise on the menu. Brandon, Ben, and I had to come home after just one night performing at Summer Camp for other engagements. After scrubbing the thick coating of dirt off our skin, Brandon and I wandered downtown to Mark’s Carts and had some delicious (gluten-free) Pad Thai from The Lunch Room. It was a great way to come home.

* * * * *

The Appleseed Collective are expert snackers. We love festivals and we love food. We’re excited for all the organic and local produce found at places like Hollerfest and Harvest Gathering (awesome Michigan festivals you should check out!)

We’ll share some tour snack recipes soon, but for now, what would you take on the road?

setting up camp
dressin up in our dressin room



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