My name is Katie.

I do this:


and this:


I love both music and food and I want to share both of those things with you. Join me and The Appleseed Collective on delicious food adventures!


My name is Katie Lee. For as long as I can remember, I have loved two things: music and food. I’m lucky enough to have plenty of these things in my life as I am a bona fide food fanatic by day and a touring musician by night. I’m currently gluten-free (among other things) and in my recent years have fallen deeply in love with cooking and baking. I perform with the fantastic western-swing band The Appleseed Collective from Ann Arbor, MI. We are on the road frequently, and we never leave for tour without plenty of homemade edibles. The band has been nurtured from seedling to blossom by Ann Arbor’s local food community, whether it be performing at the weekly farmers’ market or striking up a trade of musical ditties for sauerkraut. Our most recent endeavor included launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the recording of our debut album, Baby to Beast. We were (wildly) successful, and as a promised thank you to the community, we’ll be donating half of the profits of our first run of albums to Selma Cafe, a local non-profit organization that assists farmers in building hoop-houses to extend their growing season.

By following us on our food adventures, you might:

  • find some tasty recipes, and be inspired to create your own
  • enjoy some tasty music
  • learn more about going local
  • learn more about how being gluten-free totally doesn’t suck, can be really easy, and is good for you!

Hope you enjoy, and hope to see you at a show some time soon!


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